New for High Point—Oct. 13-9

I figure at this point in our Dunes and Duchess lives we spend more time in High Point than we do vacationing with our families. In order to spend 20 days a year there we have to make the most of it, designing a special destination for you each time and planning some fun events. 

Last market we had a darker color palette with dark blue walls and wallpapers in grays and blues. This market we're lightening it up with a custom designed grasscloth paper by Cotton & Quill. Like everything we do, Cotton & Quill is made in the USA. Here's a sneak peek: 


Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 10.42.16 AM.png

The color of the coral also inspired our first limited edition color, which will be available until January 5, 2018. We have 17 standard colors and finishes in our collection and you can also specify custom colors making your choices endless. Instead of adding to an already full color palette though we though a limited edition would be a fun way of adding a new color choice for you. 

We have a number of new products that we'll be showing including our Capstan Table. This is a new table base made of solid turned maple or oak that you can add any top to—square, round, glass, lacquer, octagon. You dream it and we'll build it! 



You'll see this base in a whole new light at High Point as we're showing two of them under a giant paddleboard like top. 

Two new sconces make their debut in High Point. One, a Tiny Tiki inspired by Allison at Trellis Home who needed it for a special project. The other is a Mini Rachel (which I don't even have a photo of!), offering you a smaller version of our most popular sconce the Single Rachel. Does anybody know how the Single Rachel got her name? You can ask us for the story in High Point! Here are some snapshots from the workshop of the new sconces. 



The other big announcement is to come. Probably Monday. It needs a whole press release and everything so stay tuned! xoduchy