Spring Debuts in High Point

Posted on Apr 6, 2017 in Candelabra, High Point, News, Sconce, Tables

Spring—new shoes, brighter colors and new pendant lamps. Isn’t that all anyone wants with a new season ahead? What about a whole new line or idea of pieces by Dunes and Duchess? As our friend and designer Trish Becker said when she saw our debuts,

It’s an understandable departure from the norm.

—Trish Becker

What does she mean by that? We’ve always had our own way of doing things that starts with the candelabras we debuted in New York in August of 2010. People couldn’t really wrap their heads around them at first, but as they started appearing in magazines (Brides, Real Simple, Oprah, Elle Decor, Traditional Home, Luxe, New England Home, Veranda and more) people started to recognize the iconic shape and style. From that candelabra we’ve worked like jazz musicians riffing off a well-known melody into parts unknown—sconces, coffee tables, floor lamps, etageres, dining tables, pendants, chairs, settees. And now we’re off to do something different again and you can see it all at High Point where we’re showing in the Suites at Market Square, booth 7010 (walk by Eastern Accents, through first floor, just past Starbucks and turn left).

So What’s New?

It’s all about Utility. Every day things should be just as special as something reserved for a special occasion. We’re encouraged by style makers to “use the good silver for every day use” and “don’t reserve the crystal for special holidays.” Our thought was, why not take something we use every day and elevate it to being something special? That thought led to our Utility Collection, a new series of products that will continue to grow over the next year. Here’s what you’ll see in High Point.

Poppy Towel Bars in 24″ and 10″ are available in any color.


Poppy Robe Hook. Available in any color.

What else says Utility? Another object we perhaps take for granted. At High Point we’ll be showing our new Open and Shut Luggage Racks that come in any of our standard colors or for an upcharge a custom color. Finish them with navy, white or caramel colored leather straps or choose a color of your own to personalize a guest room or master suite. You could even use these as towel holders in the bathroom or put a lucite tray on top for a makeshift table.

Open and Shut Luggage Rack in Midsummer Night with pink leather.

Which leads us to our new Bath Console. We’ve already had designers customize this piece in different sizes with top mount and inset sinks and we have a particularly talented woman who is going to make this piece seven feet long and use it as a bar in her living room. Bravo! Choose from mahogany (pictured), painted or oak slats at the bottom or choose to do nothing at all. We’ll make it however you’d like to see it.

Bath console—or make it a bar!

But there’s more.

You see, creativity pretty much is an unstoppable flow of ideas that given the time can become reality quite quickly when you’ve got lathes, band saws, planers, table saws and a guy named Dunes who can build anything. So we also have an Octo Collection that you’ll see for the first time at High Point too. Some of the pieces include the following.

Octo Mirror in Conch Shell

Octo Table in natural walnut.

Octo Leg—this can be for a 30″ table or a 34″ bath vanity.

Octo Sconce with custom walnut backplate and octagonal candle cover. This can also be painted.

Yes, there’s more, but you really should see it in person. One of my favorite pieces that I can’t wait to hang in our own home is this Four-Arm Atlantic Pendant. Of course I’m going to choose a bright, springy color for it that may or may not match my shoes. xoduchy

Four-arm Atlantic Pendant. Available in any color.


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