Our Movie Debut!

Posted on Jun 29, 2012 in Candelabra, Candlesticks, Designers, Sconce

About a year ago we heard from Hudson owner Jill Goldberg that a prop stylist for a movie that was being made in New England purchased one of our Four-Arm International Lifesaving Orange candelabras and two sconces from her Boston store.

We thought perhaps our candelabra would be the centerpiece of a romantic scene in a Merchant Ivory production or by some miracle they were filming The English Patient 2. Then—as my imagination really does tend to run wild—I thought please don’t let it be a movie about the board game Clue!

Alas, our candelabra and sconces appear not in a romantic drama, but in a Adam Sandler comedy. We’re thrilled. As huge fans of Happy Gilmore and Spanglish we can’t wait to see the movie. We’ve heard from Dunes’s nephew that our pieces do in fact make an appearance, which means we’ll now have to get Actor’s Guild cards for them. Let us know if you see the movie and see us! xoduchy

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