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Posted on Nov 29, 2011 in Blogs, Candelabra, Designer Profile, Designers, Lamps

There’s nothing more flattering than to have the cool girl like you. That’s the way we feel about interior designer and retailer Jill Goldberg. You see, Jill carries Dunes and Duchess in her retail store Hudson, in Boston’s South End, but the ultimate compliment came when she ordered two of our Candelabra Lamps in International Lifesaving Orange for her OWN master bedroom. Pass the vapors!

Here’s the photo she posted on the Hudson blog.

Today we sit down with Jill the designer to ask her a few questions about her work and how she incorporates Dunes and Duchess into it. Check back next month for a profile and visual tour of her amazing store.

What inspires you as a designer?
What inspires me is everything. I’m a watcher. I look through magazines, blogs, catalogues—the smallest thing can put a huge idea in my brain. A small dish on a tablescape can set me off on a tailspin designing the look I want for my spring floor.

What are your favorite spaces and pieces to design?
I definitely enjoy designing small spaces, especially nooks that I can accessorize and pack to give them personality and life. And nothing beats a good tablescape!

What are your favorite parts about being a designer and store owner?

My favorite part of being a designer and a shop owner is of course the hunt! I love shopping, whether it’s reproduction or most importantly vintage. I love looking for that unique piece that sets you apart from other stores and designers. And in the store when people ooh and ahh over something I found, that gives my goosebumps.

Interior designer Jill Goldberg. Photo courtesy of Stuff magazine

How did you find Dunes and Duchess, and what caught your eye?
I found Dunes and Duchess through Stacy. I’ve known her for the last 5 years. What caught my eye were the colors and the craftsmanship.
How have you used Dunes and Duchess pieces?
Well in my own home, I have the four arm lamps that adorn either side of my bed and add such a kick to a pretty calm space. In the store we have had the lamps, candelabras and sconces and I can’t wait to receive my floor candelabras!
Do you have other favorite pieces in the Dunes and Duchess line?
I love the whole line!

Here are some of the pieces Jill has chosen from our line.

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